Things $49.95

Get things done with the most polished, intuitive and elegant task manager for OS X.


MarsEdit $29.95

Forget clunky, web-based blog software and enjoy writing again from the comfort of your Mac.

Black Ink

Black Ink $24.95

Solve crosswords from sources like The New York Times for free right from your Mac.


Scribbles $19.95

Simple and intuitive layer based drawing with an innovative infinite canvas.


Tweetie $19.95

Simply the best Twitter client available for the Mac, or any other platform for that matter.


Clipstart $29

iTunes for your home video collection. Features seamless integration with Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube.

Wii Transfer

Wii Transfer $19

Get your photos, videos and music from your Mac and onto your Wii.


TimeBoxed €9.90

A simple OS X timer application. The perfect compliment to Things.


1Password $39.95

Simultaneously get more secure passwords and release the burden to remember them.


Family $29.95

Effortlessly create and store Family Trees the Mac way.

What's the Deal?

For every $10 you donate to Jim's Ride to Cure Diabetes during the first two weeks of September you get the chance to win one of two Mac software bundles worth almost $275 each! Two winners will be chosen at random very soon after entries close and they'll be notified by email.

To be clear, donate $20 and you have two chances to win one of the bundles. The donation collecting website lists all donors and amounts so you know exactly how good your chances are. Also note that it's 10 Australian dollars.

The Fundraising Campaign

My goal is to raise $3500 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Australia. You can find out all about diabetes, JDRF and the ride at my fundraising website.

Why Diabetes?

When my sister Jill was 10 years old she lost a huge amount of weight and got very sick. She was admitted to the Mater Children's Hospital intensive care unit where she was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. From then her life changed from a carefree childhood to managing a delicate balance of sugar in her blood. Too much and she could go permanently blind, too little and she could slip into a coma.

The burden of diabetes is too much for a young child. There's several promising avenues of research for a cure. For the research to continue they need money.

Diabetes Misconceptions

Unfortunately juvenile or type 1 diabetes, a hereditary autoimmune disease that affects children, shares it's name with type 2 diabetes, a disorder brought on by unhealthy eating, unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. Type 1 diabetes can only be treated with insulin injections and constant blood glucose monitoring, type 2 diabetes is treated with exercise and diet change.

Type 2 diabetes is much more common, self inflicted through an unhealthy lifestyle and is often referred to simply as diabetes. This confuses people and reduces sympathy for sufferers of the more severe, hereditary type 1 diabetes that affects children.

The Developers, Thank you!

Cultured Code, Red Sweater, atebits, Riverfold Software and MacMotion all kindly donated multiple licenses to make this raffle possible. Even if you have an entry in the raffle, buy their great applications.

iTunes Bonus!

John Eddie of Zicron Software, makers of the iPhone app Years, is kindly donating a $10 iTunes gift voucher to each raffle winner. Use it to buy a copy of Years and other iPhone software to compliment your swag of new Mac apps.

The Bundle

A suite of applications for any Mac user. Get things done with Things, enjoy blogging again with MarsEdit, challenge your mind with Black Ink, get creative with Scribbles, get the most out of Twitter with Tweetie, organise your home movie library with Clipstart, get your media on your Wii with Wii Transfer, stay on time with TimeBoxed, remember your passwords with 1Password and trace your history with Family.

It's a great bunch of popular apps from reputable developers.

The Charity, JDRF

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has one goal, finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. It's an international organisation with branches in countries around the world including Australia. The Ride to Cure Diabetes in Australia is one of many fund raising events that the JDRF runs every year.

Unlike other charities who squander money on "raising awareness", JDRF is focused solely on finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes, the only hope for children with the disease.

Where does my donation go?

70 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to research. JDRF was recognised in May 2008 as the winner of the Australian PricewaterhouseCoopers Transparency Award, designed to reward and encourage quality financial and operational reporting in the not-for-profit sector. More information about how your donation is used can be found at JDRF's website.

Any questions or comments don't hesitate to email me at

Sorry, Raffle's Over!

Over two weeks we raised just under $1000, a fantastic result. It's not to late to donate to the campaign.

Many thanks to the following generous Mac developers who made this raffle possible: Cultured Code, Red Sweater, atebits, Riverfold Software, MacMotion, Saltatory Software, Agile Web Solutions and Zicron Software. They're all amazing!